Keny Grey, from the cold central city of Minneapolis, is a vocalist and singer-songwriter, trying to define and understand the 'meaning of life.' Keny spent his early years being raised by a teen mom struggling to make ends meet. Moving from home to home was commonplace and switching schools was equally as frequent. He was the unknown new kid in class year after year. Much of his introspective personality and philosophy in life is owed to this humble and unstable beginning. 

Keny has always been inspired by his family to achieve more. A family poor in dollars, but rich in resilience, encouraged him everyday to always persevere. Keny is deeply driven by and impassioned by both the family he loves and the family he has lost. Keny began to focus heavily on strengthening his second language, American Sign Language, when his Grandpa passed away. Deafness is a trait that runs through his family and has affected not only his Grandpa, but his Grandma and brother too. Keny often interlaces ASL with his music as a motivator to always keep that part of him alive. 


Writing of wonder, virtue, and inquisitiveness, there is a certain sincerity in his voice and in his music. Growing up he never really knew how to decipher between right and wrong. Society does a good job of convincing people of a certain reality, but Keny decided he had to see things for himself and in his own way. This pervasive emotion inside of him seems to stem from the deep contradiction of walking the normal path in life, yet, longing every minute for the road less travelled; a road where he could give to the world what he was meant to do. But we all, from time to time, find ourselves looking into the proverbial mirror and singing the same somber song.

Keny lived a life of relatability, but without it he would lack just that: his relatability. He came to terms with this unorthodox path towards the industry and chose to leverage his 'normal life' into the music. On paper he is typical, taking all the predictable steps in life: completing high school, going straight off to college, graduating, finding himself a cubicle, and working an office job. Underneath, Keny Grey is quietly learning he doesn't have to ask for more in life to be a superstar. Without a major label, he already is. Through his lyrics and philosophy, he hopes to lift his listeners, if only one step higher, so they too can transcend to a life larger than their own. 

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"Take me to the place we love. Take me to the place where good things lie above: rich lives, wide eyes--where everything's golden."